Early Influences and Inspirations

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During my formative years, I found myself deeply inspired by the remnants of art and design left in abandoned manor houses, the fantastic large fallen trees in castle gardens and the pages of art books I discovered.

These early encounters with artistic expressions broadened my horizons and fuelled my creative spirit.

Additionally, the simplicity and resourcefulness required by my upbringing in a remote area honed my skills and ingenuity.

I drew inspiration from the age-old craftsmanship of ancient cultures, such as the Vinca culture and the artistic traditions of Japan.

The works of renowned wood artists like George Nakashima further influenced my approach, teaching me to see the potential in every piece of wood.

This blend of historical and contemporary influences shaped my unique style, allowing me to create pieces that are both timeless and innovative.

These early inspirations laid the groundwork for my artistic vision, which continues to evolve with each new creation.

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